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Drink Chinese emperors — white tea — is an incredibly tasty and healthy. Has a delicate aroma and unique taste, it is also characterized by unique healing properties. Thanks to a special method of brewing white tea, it has such a large number of vitamins and nutrients, which can not boast of any other kind of tea.

White tea — the most expensive but most rewarding

White tea has a very low degree of fermentation, which contributes to the preservation of all its useful properties. It must be kept in a sealed ceramic or metal containers, not using glassware. Tea should be protected from light and moisture, and strong odors that it can absorb.

White tea – a delicious use for the body

The main feature of white tea is the absence of any contraindications. Drink it for health benefits at any age, regardless of health status, and that is very important during pregnancy.

The caloric content of white tea

3-4 kcal per 100 grams

The benefits of white tea and the absence of any harm to health from noble drink confirmed by doctors.

White tea has many beneficial properties: it has beneficial effects on all systems of the body, improves heart function, strengthens the immune system and has antibacterial action. The unique property of white tea – rejuvenation: drink gives it elasticity and radiance. White tea is rich in fluoride, which is an important mineral to maintain healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay.

White tea is very useful as it contains antioxidants that greatly reduces the risk of occurrence in an organism of malignant tumors and cancer. Strengthens the vascular wall, cleans up cholesterol, prevents heart disease.

This tea has no side effects

The most important beneficial properties of white tea include strengthening the body immune system. White tea actively fights germs and infections, promotes rapid healing and is an excellent preventative measure during seasonal exacerbations of viral diseases.

Worldwide white tea is known and what actively promotes fast weight loss without harm to health. The drink improves metabolism and promotes the burning of fat. White tea is also an indispensable helper in active sports because not only stimulates the rid the body of excess fat, but also gives the skin elasticity and firmness.

During pregnancy the consumption of white tea has beneficial effects on the health of the female body and improves emotional background. Because white tea has a low caffeine content, it is absolutely safe for expectant mothers.

Thanks to effective anti bacterial effect of white tea boosts immunity and protects the body from microbial and viral diseases that are particularly dangerous during pregnancy. The high content in white tea fluoride and calcium helps to improve the condition of skin, hair, nails and teeth of pregnant women. The special properties of tea and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

White tea improves mood, gives energy and increases resistance to stress.

Features of white tea

White tea is a premium drink and has many flavorful and delicious varieties. To purchase white tea should be taken seriously, as it is often dishonest sellers offer usual green tea elite white, so you can buy white tea should only certified stores. Not to buy tasteless fake, you should remember how the real white tea and what varieties can be found in the domestic market.

The white tea leaves resemble needles: absolutely smooth, without wrinkles. The top leaf of white tea is silver in color with a greenish tint, and below – covered with white down. Real white tea also features a bright floral aroma and blends the flavors of peach and honey.

Brewed white tea is a yellow or amber tint, but may be almost transparent.

From the black and green types of white tea has a milder taste, floral-fruity smell and incredible health benefits of the body.

Varieties of white tea

Today there are various types of white tea, from which you can select some of the most delicious, fragrant and useful varieties that are sold in local shops.

White Chinese tea has several unique varieties, collection technology which gives the drink a unique taste and aroma. The most expensive and delicious is a cultivar of White needle (Yin Zhen) . so as to make it, early spring collect only the top is the youngest tea leaves from each Bush. Tea picking is done at a certain position of the sun when the leaf is completely dried from the morning dew. Luxury white tea White needles need to drink without sugar and no seizing, to enjoy the fullness of its flavour. Before tea the same way you shouldn’t use spices and sweet.

From the «birth» white tea requires a special approach

White tea “White peony (Bai Mu Dan) is a mixture of two very young leaves and unopened buds of the tea Bush. Tea White peony is the most common variety of white tea, it is not as expensive as White needles, but it is also famous for its unusual flavour and taste. The smell of White peony tea is a unique combination of aromas of tea leaves and buds with soft floral notes. Pride grade White peony is intense sweet finish, lingering for a long time.

White Egyptian tea is widely known for its healing properties. Grade of white tea from Egypt not only differs multifaceted taste palette and a pleasant smell, but also is the first form of tea by the number of beneficial to the body of antioxidants, thanks to which Egyptian white tea is famous as the elixir of immortality. The drink has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate. Egyptian white tea for centuries drink during the heat, as he rescues from high temperatures and prevents overheating.

Brewed white tea properly

When collecting and packaging white tea is not amenable to heat treatment and a strong fermentation, because the high temperature destroys all the nutrients. Therefore, to maintain not only taste, but also the healing power of the drink, in the preparation of white tea you need to follow certain rules.

For a proper way of brewing white tea use glassware or porcelain. This drink is inadmissible to take the tap water to brew white tea need to use bottled water or wells. The main rule of the process of proper cooking white tea is compliance with temperature: the water should be warm, but not boil – the temperature should be between 65 and 85 degrees. For one Cup you need to take two spoons of tea to be infused for 5 minutes.

Using white tea as a healthful drink for the treatment and prevention of diseases, it is necessary to insist the tea for 10 minutes – during this time, white tea will acquire a delicate peach color and most will show all of their medicinal properties. Repeat the tea party should be 2-3 times a day for a month.

White tea is incredibly popular throughout the world: its unique taste and medicinal properties affected thousands of Internet users whose rave reviews about the white tea are the best proof of the combination of taste and healthy benefits of this drink:

Ekaterina, St Petersburg . Discovered white tea two years ago husband brought the gimmick from China. The taste is awesome – such a nice sweet, no bitterness, no astringency, in either black or green. Brewed in a glass – so husband Chinese seller told -5 minutes warm water.

Xenia, Moscow: to All the girls I recommend white tea – a super means of cleansing the body and weight loss) I drink it every day for 1.5 months and notice how your health is improving – no gravity in the stomach, so chipper all the day I go! It seems to be little appetite reduces) follow the diet, instead of Goodies drink white tea – already minus 3 kg!))

Valeria, Ufa: Buying white tea, I try to keep a pack use for 2-3 months so that beneficial properties are not lost. And keep the tea must tightly closed in a dry box. Actively drink white tea in winter, it’s better than any vitamins from contagion makes.

Anna, the eagle: Recently, the nutritionist advised to drink white tea to improve metabolism and cleansing. Loved green tea before, but now from a white to off – a hundred times tastier and a thousand times more useful!

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