Hot Shokolad

A couple of days ago, he ran to the store for building small things, I came out of there with a little ceramic snowman. )) He smiled at me from its packaging, promising a foretaste of the main winter holiday. How I love new year’s vanity. Yes, it’s a bit early to talk about it, but soon, very soon, to earth come down Spirit of Christmas. And

then, on snow-covered streets of the city, in the flickering light of the lanterns so nice to walk for gifts. And let the most of the gifts I choose in advance and order through the Internet, but never, on New Year’s eve, I will not abandon the shopping for shiny tinsel, gifts and other, at first glance unnecessary minutiae.

Winter beautiful streets. But after walking on them I want to warm up.

Pre-new year atmosphere is incomparable to anything else. Frost, ramanadi cheeks and fill perfume in a special sense, crunchy snow and breakable crust of ice underfoot, strong male hand holding from falling snowflakes in your hair, sparkling laughter, couples around… the smell of champagne, tangerines, hot chocolate with cinnamon and magic…

Hot chocolate can be a cure both for soul and body. Most importantly — not to overdo it with «treatment»!

Hot chocolate – essential item after shopping in the cold. You can go to a cafe (best done in a specialized hot chocolate), and you can cook it yourself back home. In addition to warming properties. there are still many reasons to treat yourself to this divine drink. Chocolate (in reasonable doses) is good for the heart, stimulates the brain and even prolongs life! Thus it is indispensable in a stressful environment – raises vitality and improves mood. Reason – in the contents of potassium and calcium, iron and magnesium, antioxidants, flavonoids, tryptophan and phenylethylamine (precursors of hormones of happiness). One correction – instead of getting rid of depression is not to get a new one – much chocolate do not get carried away, the product is very nutritious (especially with milk. cream and sugar), and the extra weight yet nobody mood didn’t lift.

To cook at home hot chocolate is not difficult

And now about the main thing – how to make hot chocolate? Of many recipes, but they can be divided into two groups. In the first case, the drink is produced from cocoa powder, the second of melted chocolate in a water bath tiles. So the recipes are approximate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients and their amounts.

So, option # 1. You will need:

— cocoa powder (must be insoluble, and special, for boiling) – 2 – 4 tbsp;

— milk 2 cups;

— sugar – to taste;

— starch – 1 tsp..

Part molded milk in a glass, pour the rest into a saucepan, heated, planted in him the sugar and cocoa powder (without lumps), keep on low heat, stirring constantly. In the remaining cold milk dilute starch (starch is added to thicken the drink, the aspect ratio is adjustable as you like). When the mixture in the saucepan is boiling, a thin stream pour the milk with the starch, while continuing to stir. Cook for a few minutes, remove from heat, if desired, add spices (cinnamon, ginger, pepper), honey.

Thick, spicy, Sizzling drink — close your eyes and imagine that you are enjoying them, sitting by the fireplace in a cozy house on top of the Alps…

Option # 2. You will need:

— chocolate bars (milk or dark) – 200 g;

— milk 2 cups;

— sugar, spices, brandy or rum, to taste.

The principle of operation is as follows – the chocolate should melt in a water bath and mix it with milk (cream). Here again there are different variations – some prefer to pour into a saucepan the milk, gently heat it, throw the broken chocolate and stir, wait until completely dissolved, but do not bring to a boil. Others do a little differently is separately melted in a water bath of crushed chocolate, adding a couple of tablespoons of water, boil milk separately. Then remove both pots from the heat and, stirring slowly, pour in the milk and chocolate mixture, then carefully stirred (stirring) and add additional ingredients.

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Hot Shokolad
A couple of days ago, he ran to the store for building small things, I came out of there with a little ceramic snowman. )) He smiled at me from its packaging, promising a foretaste…