Oregano beneficial properties of herbs for women and men, the use of tea from oregano, which is

Than beneficial herb origanum vulgare and how to apply it?

Small pink-purple flowers, which grow freely in our forests, are not only natural decoration, but also a real cure for many diseases.

It is interesting to note that actively use it not only in

Russia but also in many other countries. Pavda there, for example, in Europe it is often used as a spice and is called «oregano». So the Italians can’t imagine his favorite dish pizzas without this fragrant spices. In our country it is in most cases referred to as «oregano» used for medicinal purposes.

Folk healers have noted that the discussed plant «female» or «parent» because it helps with a variety of female problems. But for men, this pot can also bring some benefit.

The content


For a start it is worth noting that the discussed weed — honey, so used in cooking in two types — as honey and as a seasoning for various dishes.

But the main sphere of its application — this, of course, traditional medicine. «Female» the grass is able to prevent the development of inflammation, to stop the blood, has expectorant and analgesic properties. Use it also for bronchitis and colds, in particular as a diaphoretic drug.

Even the official medicine recognized oregano, bringing this weed can be detected in the composition of some natural healing fees prescribed for bronchial asthma, a variety of gynecological problems, as sedatives, and getting rid of excess weight and cleanse the body in General.

Because it is common in our country, the plant is able to calm the Central nervous system, helps fight insomnia and nervous disorders. Even with headaches and a bad mood can quickly and easily help yourself with oregano.

A list of useful properties of weed is just huge. Apply it in the form of decoctions, tinctures, oils and even in its purest form. For example, if you have hypertension doctors prescribe be used inside herbal infusions from oregano. The same remedy helps with problems with the stomach and intestines.

Alcohol tincture of oregano help a person deal even with such a terrible disease, as tuberculosis, and also promotes fast and painless healing of wounds.

By the way, applying it not only internally but also externally. For example, to get rid of skin rash will help special compress of discussing plants or washing the skin of his broth. Infants with certain health problems (such as rickets or scrofula) even completely bathed in such concoctions. These procedures are shown and adults. If the skin rash appeared — then a bath with a decoction of oregano will be the first means of solving this problem. Washed in a similar way and wounds, and also do compresses for boils and eczema.

And many women wash their hair this decoction to hair grew faster, were smooth, supple and silky.

As for oil discussing weed, it is actively used for the treatment of the body in paralysis. In this case, the patient is rubbed with oil, and bathed in a decoction of oregano.

But fresh grass to chew, for example, in order to strengthen the teeth and get rid of caries and Tartar.

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