How did the first chocolate

When in Mexico, buy local wooden chest with Aztec patterns and brass handles. Fold into it the milk of corn, a cinnamon stick, a boiled agave juice in the bottle, ginger root, chili, cookies “Amaretti”. And you will have your chocobar.

Of course, professional bar never fit in a small trunk. It includes dozens of components: brandy, rum, red wine, orange zest and coconut flakes, sour cream, butter, cream, whole palette of spices, not to mention the special round cakes chocolate “kindling” purchased exclusively in Mexican shops, and cleverly arranged the car, like the one that brews coffee. Yes, and, of course, a huge book of recipes for hot chocolate, sourced from around the


Magic powder

Open this book – it was on the cards don’t go – that word which was in the beginning: chocolatl. And the recipe is: cocoa beans to roast, grind and squeeze out the oil, chili seasoning, aromatic flowers, vanilla and wild honey to get, as it is written, the Aztecs, fine-grained, thick, soft, reddish and strongly violent (in the sense flavored)”.

Of course, this advice today is largely treated as a guide to action – after all, and for one hundred cacao beans did not buy a slave. But, nevertheless, in relation to a similar recipe you can understand who you are dealing with a fanatical enthusiast or simple curious: the drink is made with real chocolate or cocoa powder, and it is, as they say, two big differences.

Cocoa powder is an economical technology that significantly reduces the fat content, was invented in 1828, Dutchman Conrad, and from that moment a hot chocolate, the drink of the leaders of the ancient Maya kept cocoa beans in the same barns, and gold) and kings (in Europe, the recipe was kept secret, and only applied hierarchically: the Princess received him in a dowry), went to mass. Hot chocolate, the pampering of the aristocracy, became available to everyone.

However, the recipes involving cocoa powder has its own advantages (the main thing – do not need anyone to force you to grind in a mortar cocoa beans), so even a jealous professional is not afraid to put them in his cherished book.

“I drink chocolate – I exist!”

The first peoples who have suffered the chocolate, were the Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs, at various times stayed about the same area of Central America. The cocoa tree is very capricious, it grows in areas not more than 20 degrees from the equator and does not tolerate temperature below +16°C. The three most common varieties: Criollo (gives the fruits with the richest flavor), Forastero and Trinitario.

The secret of the taste of chocolate is in the correct blend of all three varieties, and this was done already by the ancient Olmecs. They were the first created of foam, as can be whipped beverage kakawa. Their work was continued by the Mayans – they, like the Olmecs, the most in the hot chocolate was appreciated foam, generously seasoned with chili and spices, and came up with the name – xocoatl, which “Choco” is meant a foam, and “ATL” – water.

The Aztecs finished the legend. It seems that in their Arsenal even had a saying: “I drink chocolate, and my heart rejoices. Seriously studying the issue, they concluded that the drink molodit the body, enlightens the mind and increases the potency – last by example actively argued the Emperor Montezuma. According to his tastes, xocoatl modified: the original recipe of Montezuma had to grind the roasted beans with dairy grains of corn, season with honey, agave juice and vanilla. (Halfway towards revolution – adding in cocoa sugar instead of chili that happened in the middle of the sixteenth century, passed. Also a step forward in the culture of drinking chocolate to chocolatly Montezuma gave a light crispy biscuit made of flour, eggs and sugar.)

Who knows to what years could survive Montezuma, but he was killed by the rebellious Indians for the surrender option to the conquistadors in 1520. And shortly before the chief had time to boast of his “chocoflan” before the conqueror Cortes, and it changed the course of history. The Spaniard brought the recipe and the first cocoa beans to Europe, after which they began to deliver from America whole halionone.

The magic of taste

In the preparation of hot chocolate from ancient, as the tradition of the Aztecs, ingredients have some sort of magic. How prevent cinnamon stick hot milk, throw in a chocolate funnel pinch of Jamaican pepper, cloves and grated ginger, dripping steaming in a thick drink a few drops of “laughing” rum, whipped with a whisk over a water bath, turning into foam, chocolate and cream…

And, you know, people still do it! Although, of course, easier to use, for example, favorite recipe chocolate first lady Laura Bush, posted on the White house website: mix in a shaker chocolate syrup, artificial sweetener, Sweet&Low, a little alcohol, a little vanilla and cinnamon to warm and beautify the hat of cream from a container. But, fortunately, many more are ready to cast over the saucepan to get a drink worthy of the gods.

For lack of cocoa beans you can always use the tile of dark chocolate, but it is important to properly melt. Do it first, slowly, otherwise it will become sticky and unpleasantly bitter. Secondly, delicately: either dissolving the tile over a saucepan of boiling water or in the microwave, or, if the recipe allows, in boiling milk or cream. Third, if you did not work with tiles, you can carefully grind cocoa powder with sugar and butter.

The drink turned out as thick, it is administered whipped with sugar egg yolks or starch – not to be lazy beat! “Domestic” development is the combination of chocolate and cream, the first dissolves in the second and brewed, getting beautiful skin color mulattos from the Caribbean. The Germans to a complex mixture of chocolate with whipped egg yolks, sugar and cream, add gelatin and hot chocolate when it becomes cold, it turns into a delicious cream. It is cooked in coconut milk, espresso, or hot tea, orange zest and red wine (scholars argue that the combination of the latter with the chocolate had a very positive impact on health). Decorate with grated almonds, cinnamon or grated chocolate to get absolutely chocolate!

Americans like to put in a glass of marshmallows – small sepertiku. The French add cardamom and nutmeg. Mexicans today are preparing the sauce “mole poblano”, the recipe of which in addition to chocolate and Chile appear white sesame seeds, chopped coriander and anise, cloves, cinnamon, raisins, peanuts, and onions and garlic.

The most amazing thing: in order to arrange everything at home, you do not need anything extraordinary. You can even do without chocobar – God is with him, with the box, and the ingredients easy to find in the supermarket. And what’s more surprising – the preparation of hot chocolate easily be compared by the degree of pleasure with his drink: you can almost feel the boy Charlie, who found the lucky ticket and won a trip to the chocolate factory.

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