Green tea with Jasmine, its useful properties and types

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Few people will dispute the fact that Jasmine green tea is very healthy drink. The tradition’s tea with the petals of fragrant Jasmine was born in the homeland of the drink – in China, in the province of Huan. Promote Jasmine green tea contributed to Chinese doctors, who thought Jasmine wonderful aphrodisiac properties which help a man to become more resilient, and women adds a touch of sensuality and eliminates the frigidity. Because of the unusual aroma and exquisite taste, this tea is often presented as a gift to the people of the highest rank, and even the Emperor himself.

The process of gathering the flowers of Jasmine complicated and time-consuming. The Jasmine collection begins in July and lasts until October. Since most of the flowers revealed in the night time, tea manufacturers prefer to produce their collection at night or very early morning (4-5 hours) because it is the time Jasmine exudes the greatest flavor and accumulates in the petals of many essential oils. Dignity Jasmine green tea:

in the cold period of winter tea warms, creates harmony in the soul, and in the summer thirst quencher, pampers the body and refreshes;

-combining green tea leaves and Jasmine flowers is an ideal antidepressant, since it helps to calm the excitement and to cheer;

-has a positive effect on the nervous system and stimulates the brain;

-this tea Chinese healers have long used for colds as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent;

-prolongs the reproductive performance of women, the health of men; -Jasmine green tea is a good Supplement to any diet;

-helps get rid of insomnia;

-positive effect on the visual acuity of a person;

Hong Kong scientists have proved relatively low cancer incidence in areas where regularly drink green Jasmine tea.

The most popular types of Jasmine tea: Zhen Hua Lo, Jasmine jade Butterfly, fen Yang or the eye of the Phoenix Jasmine pearls, Jasmine White monkey Jasmine Green.

The unique flavor of tea Zhen Hua Lo combines the fragrant petals of Jasmine and the elite grade of green tea. The dried tea leaves have the form of small bundles, which when brewing takes place. Positively affects the emotional mood of a person and actively removes toxins from the body.

Hallmark Jasmine jade butterfly is very delicate and soft aroma. The green tea leaves are rolled by hand in a special way, so the end result is a dry leaf resembles the shape of a butterfly.

Fen Yang Chai premium has on the human body is a restorative and rejuvenating effect. The name of this species was given for the similarity of the shape of the leaves with the eyes of the mythological bird Phoenix, which according to Chinese sayings brings love and understanding.

Moli Hua LUN Zhu or Jasmine pearls – the amazing tea with natural flavoring, raw material for which is braided in a special way, getting a ball shape, which resembles a pearl that gave the name to this class. This tea has special properties: invigorates, improves mood, relieves stress, stimulates the internal organs.

Jasmine White Monkey stands out tart flavor with a hint of grapes. The drink is very common in the cold season, as it has a warming effect.

With the use of Green Jasmine modern people in different countries prefer to start your meal every day, because this tea has a pronounced tonic effect. Tea has a pleasant natural aroma and soft taste, and the shape of the dry leaves reminds the balls. To properly brew Jasmine green tea need to first warm up the kettle, and then incorporate dry welding. This tea is not recommended to pour boiling water, better water let cool to 80-85°C, otherwise the drink may lose your beautiful Jasmine taste and aroma. Brewing time – no more than 3-5 minutes. The infusion should be transparent and not too strong.

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