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What is the benefit of green tea

In the homeland of the drink — China — scientists, having studied this product, you came to such conclusions that green tea :

If its daily use, reduces the risk of developing cancers by 20-30%, and the duration of life in its daily consumption increases, on average, six to seven years.

Due to the content of antioxidants in it slows down the process of aging , accelerates weight loss, lowers blood pressure and maintains the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthen their walls. Relieves the pain of rheumatism, tones the heart muscle.

Also green tea is rich in many minerals and vitamins that are important for proper functioning of the body. Moreover, when brewing, for example, black tea most of these trace elements is destroyed.

Zinc . say, helps to develop the fetus in a pregnant woman and removes carcinogens from the body.

Theine . which is present in green tea, and coffee for example, gives cheerfulness and activity, but unlike coffee works very gently, because its absorption into the blood takes place more slowly. Also the tein stimulates physical and mental activity, has a positive effect on the condition of the internal organs and blood vessels, strengthens the heart muscles, gives a surge of strength and energy.

Green tea in limited doses suitable for children due to the content of vitamin A . which reduces the development of caries and improves eyesight, and vitamin C, which in this drink several times more than even the lemon.

Damage green tea

However, with all the positive qualities present in this drink and those who bear the harm. But they appear when the dose of alcohol consumed in a few times too normal . Therefore, it is necessary to know how to consume green tea in order not to harm yourself.

For example, people who suffer high blood pressure or atherosclerosis, it is not recommended to drink strongly brewed green tea . this also applies to pregnant women. Contained theine can both help and harm . if the amount exceeds the daily rate. That may adversely affect the General health of the body in the form of sleepiness, cardiac arrhythmias, fatigue. Therefore, you should try not to drink green tea after six in the evening .

Doctors are advised not to drink green tea on an empty stomach . as this suffers the mucosa of the stomach, it is better to do it after eating, then the process of digestion will be faster and thus, the stomach will begin to work better.

Avoid mixing alcohol and tea . the kidneys can not survive, but if tea to wash down the pills, their effect may decrease, or it actually may not come.

The British love to drink tea with milk . but we should refrain, if you drink it with green tea. When mixing these products are harmful chemical elements . which adversely affect the body.

Green tea can be harmful to the nervous system and lead to addiction.


Based on the foregoing, to be sure, and so useful to us whether green tea, you need first of all to have a sense of proportion and then you will get only the most positive results, and can get rid of many ailments. Good health and good luck!

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