Hot chocolate in the slow cooker step-by-step recipe with photos

The divine drink in the home: hot chocolate in a slow cooker

Recipe of hot chocolate with cinnamon in slow cooker


1 square of dark chocolate (100g) 300 ml milk 2.5% fat 200 ml of 10% cream 1 cinnamon stick

Whether you love chocolate, how I love it? If Yes, I think hot chocolate in a slow cooker you too will love it. This divine drink from cacao beans came to Europe from America, where it is still in pre-Columbian times, the Maya and the Aztecs consumed for ritual purposes. True, the chocolate had little in common with the familiar we treat and drank it cold, and the added chilli. Europeans changed the recipe, removed the Chile, began to drink the hot chocolate and began to add sugar on it. Until the mid-19th century, hot chocolate was really the drink of the gods – it was so expensive that only the elite could afford it. With the invention of new technologies for processing cocoa, chocolate drink became much more accessible and deservedly won new fans. Hot chocolate is great for recovering muscles after exercise, uplifting and invigorating.

But, perhaps, enough history. If you decided to make this wonderful drink at home, forget about soluble concentrates of tea bags – the benefits are minimal. Convenient and easy to cook flavorful and tasty drink by using the slow cooker.

Just about how to make hot chocolate in a slow cooker, and I want to tell you today. But first a few tips. Start with the fact that the main ingredient is chocolate, from where you will be cooking this delicious beverage, you should choose the highest possible quality and in its composition should be free of dyes, preservatives and other chemicals. Brewed chocolate drink can be made with milk, water or cream. Many Frother hot chocolate based on taking milk and water, which gives the drink more soft and delicate taste. Made with water, hot chocolate will be easier nutritive value than the previous one, but deflating, in my opinion, therefore, there is a need to flavor all sorts of spices. I’m a fan of rich and creamy beverage that is brewed with milk and cream. In hot chocolate you can add all kinds of spices, fruits, alcohol and even ice cream that will make your drink unique and very tasty.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m already in anticipation, so I will not hesitate a minute longer and start cooking hot chocolate with cinnamon in slow cooker. I want, in fact, the slow cooker (I have a PHILIPS HD3077/40), products, and 20 minutes of time.

Method of preparation

At first collect the necessary for me.

In a bowl pour the milk and cream.

My slow cooker is included in the mode «oven», the temperature is set on 100 degrees and run the program (you can use “Multipovar” with the same temperature, if you provided this feature). In a mixture of milk cream and add a cinnamon stick.

A chocolate bar is divided into pieces and pour them into the bowl.

Now my task is stirring, heat the liquid to the chocolate fully melt (blossomed). It took me about 20 minutes. A very important thing – the heating temperature should be low so that the milk does not boil, and became hot. Once all the chocolate has dissolved and the contents of the bowl a homogeneous mass, turn off the slow cooker, the Cup with the drink extract and caught a cinnamon stick.

All fragrant, with delicate spicy flavour hot chocolate in the slow cooker ready. Immediately pour it on the beautiful cups and call to enjoy this yummy my family.

It turns out very tasty and very chocolate! If you are a chocolate lover, be sure to cook this divine drink!

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