Dandelion root for weight loss beneficial properties.

How to make wine

Dandelion root for weight loss: useful properties. Recipes tea and salad leaves.


The dandelion plant. Medicinal properties has both root and dandelion leaves. A plant adapted to live in all conditions, except in areas of permafrost and desert.

All possible to find dandelion plant in various parts of the world. Only on Russian territory was found more at species of dandelion.

With young leaves, when the dandelion has not yet bloomed, can be prepared a useful salad. Fresh leaves contain almost the entire set of trace elements, b vitamins and vitamin C, beta carotene.

Even in the content of iron and calcium dandelion overtook spinach. Ray Bradbury wrote the novel “dandelion Wine”, which describes a preparation to do useful wine from dandelions. Of course, this recipe will appeal to foodies.

Range of recipes with dandelion spread from regions of the Caucasus, passing through Central Europe to Japan and America.

Dandelion for weight loss – fresh salad

Salad recipe easy, will require the young shoots of the leaves. They need to be collected before flowering dandelion. Sometimes the need for removal of bitterness from the leaves. For this soak the leaves in salted water for 30-40 minutes. After soaking, leaves, rinsed and sliced in a salad.

Add the chopped vegetables, dill and parsley, and onion. Added vegetables will remove even a small bitter taste.

Dandelion for weight loss – spring salad

Very tasty and healthy salad. Young dandelion leaves, leaves mother and stepmother, lettuce, sorrel. All the greens, rinse and wring out the water. Chop the herbs, salad to break it. Top with thinly slice the cucumber, sprinkle 3CT. L. sour cream or yogurt. Top can be sprinkled with lemon juice. Add a taste of honey, green onions, sliced cucumber and borage leaves.

Also with the leaves of the dandelion cook green soup. Leaves, pickling or perhaps how to make sour cabbage.

From the flowers of dandelion honey is useful and tasty wine. If you dry and roast the leaves and roots to isolate – tasty beverage such as chicory for weight loss. a worthy replacement for coffee.

Dandelion for weight loss – tea

Most useful tea made from dandelion leaves. 2H. L. dried leaves or 4h. L. fresh leaves pour 300ml of boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes. Tea has no contraindications. Still, the tea acts as a diuretic, so it is advisable to enrich the diet with fresh carrots, apples, oranges, baked potatoes, bananas. These products are high in potassium. Drink slimming tea before meals.

Dandelion leaves – usefulness

For weight loss, in the form of salads and teas

Rheumatism and gout – young leaves

To soothe the nervous system

As Adjuster of the digestive system

Flushes out toxins, stimulates the bile ducts and helps to work better liver

Improves the blood, contributes to the overall strengthening of the body, immunity

The juice of dandelion breaks the stones and removes the sand from the gallbladder

Dandelion root for weight loss

Having considered the usefulness of leaves and flowers, let’s review the usefulness of the root for weight loss.

Dandelion root is harvested 2 times a year, in early spring before flowering and after the withering plants in the fall.

To lose weight the roots are used in herbal collection and not as a separate product. In addition to slimming the roots helps to reduce blood sugar levels and diabetes. Another infusion of root used as a blood purifier, tonic and diaphoretic.

An infusion of the root. 1st. L. chopped dandelion root pour a glass of boiling water. Brewed in a ceramic or glass bowl. Put the dishes in a water bath for 15 minutes. After nastavivaet broth for an hour at room temperature, after strain. Drink an infusion of dandelion root half a Cup 3 times a day half an hour before meals.

Slimming collected from different herbs herbal collection with dandelion root. Brew in a thermos, in an hour you can drink a bit of sugar with honey. To taste add lemon.

Most useful substances contained in the leaves of dandelion for weight loss in may and June. When the leaves are gaining the most juice. In the same period, collect nettles, ground and other young leaves of trees and plants.

Slimming can before meals drink 2st. L. juice dandelion. Improve digestion and the body will get a lot of nutrients.

It is advisable not to collect dandelion root or leaves and grass near roads and industrial buildings. It is best to collect in the open field, away from the city. Because plants filter toxins and collect inside. The cleaner the environment, the cleaner and more useful plant.

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