Cinnamon for weight loss recipes

The vast majority of spices stimulates the toxins from the body, is purified from biological pollution and catalyze a number of enzymatic processes. In addition, the use of spice plants affects mental attitude of the body, improves coordination, memory and attention.

Healing drink every day – fun and delicious

Regular consumption of the drink with cinnamon and honey conducive to the General improvement of all systems of the body and weight loss – just one glass a day.

For this cocktail half teaspoon of cinnamon pour boiling water (200 ml) and infused almost to cool down the liquid. Then added a teaspoon of liquid honey (it is recommended to add in warm water, because at high temperatures it loses its healing qualities), and the resulting mixture is maintained for several hours.

Losing weight with the help of cinnamon to be effective if the drink is to drink on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is divided into two parts, one serving is consumed prior to Breakfast in the morning, second in the evening before bedtime.

Healing drink primarily cleanses the digestive tract from bacteria and other parasites that inhabit the intestines and slows digestion. So the honey and cinnamon first promote weight loss belly, and then the whole organism.

Regular consumption of slimming drink will help you lose one to five pounds. But over time the weight will come to a standstill, because in the case of cinnamon weight loss happens through the cleansing of the intestinal tract.

If cinnamon as a means of weight loss is used, take a break for a few weeks after decreasing pounds will cease. Then again you can start to lose weight by using this miraculous nectar.

Cinnamon for weight loss: recipes for health

Hot morning green tea with a spoon of honey and half-teaspoon of cinnamon will have a tonic effect and “burn” a few extra pounds.

Will reduce the amount of cholesterol and blood sugar hot milk drink with cinnamon tree (a quarter teaspoon of spices per Cup of milk). Drink it twice a day – morning and evening.

Good cinnamon and in conjunction with any fruit salad. If used for cooking dessert apples, pears or quince, get a particularly harmonious taste.

You can add cinnamon in cold fruit soups made from fresh or dried fruits. Bookmark spices produce, when the dish is almost ready, or before serving.

Orange bouquet

Take a large orange, make a lot of holes with a fork and pour him a glass of orange juice. Add capacity in the cinnamon stick and cloves (4 buds). Then sauté the mixture over low heat for 5 minutes and leave for half an hour to draw.

After that, the orange remove, strain the mixture, add to drink half a liter of tea, half teaspoon of nutmeg and 120 ml pineapple juice. Now ready to drink – drink it warm.

Cinnamon — beneficial properties for weight loss

One of the brightest representatives of the fragrant world of spices cinnamon – beneficial properties for weight loss due to its geronikaki qualities. Fragrant bark of the cinnamon tree — small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka — used alone or in combination with other products. It’s delicious, with a sweet-bitter taste substance has antioxidant properties, rich in calcium, iron and vitamin A.

Fragrant spice reduces appetite, and in combination with honey reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and slows down the aging process. Besides cinnamon helps proper digestion of food by activating the metabolism.

But its most important attribute is the ability to metabolite glucose, helping her to turn into energy, but not in fats. Reducing rates of blood sugar, spice prevents the increase in body weight.

By and large, losing weight with the help of cinnamon – common side effect of cleansing and healing the body and the normalization of the liver, kidneys and other systems.

For this reason, the spice is one of a large number of weight loss diets, especially programs that are based on limiting sugar and salt.

Tea drink, which combines together the cinnamon and ginger for weight loss, you’ll be just unique properties. With a laxative and enhances the secretory function of the stomach properties, ginger is a good addition to the cinnamon, and the food is well absorbed without the formation of fat reserves.

Nutritionists advise to add cinnamon (half teaspoon) in porridge, cottage cheese mixture, milk, coffee or tea. Just don’t eat scones and cakes with cinnamon: they do not promote weight loss. Sweets contain a lot of sugar and fat – with so many calories a spice can’t handle it.

The main objective of cinnamon to flavor desserts, giving them a warm, spicy bouquet. Cinnamon stick, for example, can be used as a flavorful bite – swelling, it gives up its tart flavor to any hot drink

Anomalous to harmony SPA with cinnamon

Essential oils of cinnamon is used for wraps and baths, added to the massage cream and oils-the basics: this makeup has lipolytic properties.

It is best to make beauty treatments with cinnamon in a salon — in the home use caution must avoid overdose of the oil, otherwise you will get an irritation on the skin. For example, taking a bath with oil of cinnamon, enough to the water, add a few drops.

Unfortunately, to use a spice you not all. From the use of cinnamon should be avoided with increased nervous excitability, early pregnancy, hypertension. Seek out your way of having a splendid forms — start experimenting and you certainly will find success!

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