Cardamom – the benefits and harms of weight loss, beneficial and therapeutic properties of tea with cardamom

Eastern spice cardamom is valued not only for its exquisite and original taste and aroma, but also very extensive healing properties. Cardamom, the use of which was known in

ancient India, it is highly recommended by doctors for the treatment of skin rashes, infertility and obesity. Used to combat respiratory infections and in the case of neurological disorders.

In Ancient China the herb was administered to people with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and the medieval doctors generally believed cardamom universal remedy for all diseases. Today cardamom continues to be «the king of spices», and the price seasoning is second only to the more expensive vanilla and saffron . Useful properties proven for thousands of years, widely used in medicine and, of course, it doesn’t lose its positions in cooking. It is added to the dough, meat and bean dishes as well as coffee and tea.

About the benefits of coffee and tea with cardamom

Tea with cardamom can be found on the shelves (usually black ones), but you can do it yourself. It’s not hard, just enough to add spice into the teapot when brewing drink.

Tea with cardamom is a great preventative tool during the spread of viral infections. It boosts immunity, increases the body’s defenses and directs all his strength to fight the disease. Hot drink having medicinal properties, relieves pain arising from the inflammation of the throat, helps to get rid of hoarseness in pharyngitis and laryngitis, as well as reduces swelling of the throat with a strong SARS. Tea with the addition of cardamom restores normal functioning of the digestive system, relieves heaviness in the stomach, flatulence and stomach pain.

Coffee with cardamom is a great alternative to the classic version of this drink. Spice will add a familiar taste of the new notes, and the smell of the resulting drink will just drive you mad. He’s incredibly intense, exciting and unforgettable. A Cup of coffee with cardamom good cheer in the morning and make the start of the day much more enjoyable. In addition, in combination with coffee, cardamom will have a positive effect on the nervous system, relieve tension and activates the brain.

Some nutritionists believe that coffee with cardamom is a very effective tool for weight loss and recommend everyone who wants to lose weight, start your day with a Cup of fragrant drink. In addition, the spice promotes active lipolysis and increases metabolism, it neutralizes the harm that caffeine has on the body. So, this coffee is not only delicious, but also useful.

How to make coffee with cardamom?

There are many recipes for coffee with cardamom. Which one will become a favorite – it’s up to you. Boil the drink at the Turk, but you can simplify the cooking process by adding cardamom seeds to grind the coffee beans.

So, for a delicious coffee with cardamom you will need:

filtered water – 100 – 140 ml;

favorite brand of ground coffee – 2 teaspoons;

seasoning of 8-10 beans.

Heating Turku in 10-15 minutes on low heat, pour in ground coffee, grain of cardamom and add water. Wait until you see foam. Hire Turku, remove the foam and put in the Cup and Turku back on the stove. Bring coffee to a boil and pour into a Cup, strain the drink through a strainer.

You can use another recipe, to cook coffee with cardamom, cloves and chocolate. For this you will need:

filtered water – 100 – 140 ml;

favorite brand of ground coffee – 2 teaspoons;

seasoning of 8-10 beans.

cloves – a few buds;

bitter chocolate – 50-60 g;

milk – 50-80 ml.

The cooking process does not differ from the previous one. First, brew the coffee with the addition of cardamom and cloves and, strain, pour it into a Cup. In parallel, heat the milk and pour into it the melted chocolate. The resulting mixture connected with coffee ready and, if necessary, podslushivaet.

All! Peerless coffee with cardamom is ready!

Cardamom for weight loss

Increased in Europe and America, the interest in Eastern culture, traditional food and healing practices, popular in the Asian countries has pushed many to their «borrowing» in your life. Did not remain without attention and Oriental spices, including cardamom is one of the most popular. Using cardamom for weight loss with overweight will be able to say goodbye pretty quickly. Of course, about exercise and nutrition principles should not be forgotten, otherwise the expected result you will get.

But the use of diet food, flavoured with cardamom, allows the body to quickly burn calories and lose fat. Cardamom for weight loss is especially effective in combination with red pepper and cinnamon, as these spices also contribute to the intensification of metabolic processes.

The precious oil of cardamom

Of chopped dried fruit of cardamom oil is extracted, which is used in aromatherapy, cosmetics and even treatment of certain diseases. Essential oil of cardamom that are added to the hot water before bathing will help to relieve stress and relax. In addition, with regular use, it can improve skin elasticity, improve blood circulation and to cope with the problem of acne.

Oil of cardamom can be used for inhalation in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In conjunction with linseed or almond oil, it is suitable for massage. And they can enrich various cosmetics, such as cream, shampoo or conditioner-opological. It stimulates hair growth and makes them thicker and silky.

Dropping oil of cardamom in the aroma lamp on a romantic date, you can be sure that the evening will end, as it should. This oil has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual desire.

Application in medicine

The curative properties of this exotic spices found their application in medicine. Cardamom is recommended as an additional tool in the treatment of:

respiratory infections;

diseases of the stomach;

diseases of the urinary system;

of menstrual cycle;


hypotension, etc.

The aromatic spice is used to relieve dental pain, for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and to give freshness to the breath. It is also believed that cardamom helps to restore visual acuity and relieves migraines.

Harm cardamom

Cardamom, the use of which as you can see, is very complex, as with any food, has a number of contraindications to the use. Do not get involved with them:

people with gallbladder disease, because cardamom stimulates the production of bile;

those who have a history have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, and gastritis with high acidity;

people with heart problems and hypertension;


Harm cardamom for pregnant and lactating mothers has not been proven, but to abuse seasoning ladies in the position of still not worth it.

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