Autumn drink

For dull autumn pores we inherited from the Mayans got a very tasty and healthy drink. However, the Mayans it was a little different, but the basics are the same. Or to be more precise, this drink originated even earlier, the ancient Olmec, about 1500 years BC. They lived near the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, in Central America.

This drink was highly valued by the ancient Mayans, is cocoa. We all loved or forgotten most useful beverage – cocoa, hot chocolate. Although the solid chocolate love, I think, very many.

The name of this product and the tree was given the Olmecs. The cocoa tree is very beautiful blooms, and interestingly, flowers are born directly on the trunks and on the bark of branches. The fruits of elongated shape, inside which are the cherished seeds of the cocoa beans. It is an evergreen tree that bears fruit all year round. Grow these trees in tropical forests, and we still call the chocolate trees.

After processing, the beans get cocoa butter and cocoa powder, which is used for beverages and culinary products. And cocoa butter is used in the manufacture of chocolate (yum-yum), and also in perfumery and pharmacy.

Maya used cocoa pods only as a beverage. They gave him very great importance, and drank the sacred drink, during their rituals. Only cooked it for Maya is not so, as we used to drink cocoa.

Cocoa beans were roasted, crushed and then mixed with cold water. In this the beverage the ancient Maya added chili pepper and other spices. Sugar they had. This drink was quite tough and bitter and was treated as food of the gods. The ancient Maya was even a God of cacao. To obtain the foamy caps of cocoa was poured from vessel to vessel. This foam was the most delicious in the resulting beverage.

As this drink was considered sacred Mayan and drink of the gods, he could only drink favorites: tribal leaders, their relatives and associates, as well as priests and warriors. The Mayan cacao trees specifically grown, as their and so grew a lot, but still not enough for them to all and to drink this divine drink and food. Then they began to use cacao beans as currency. For them it was possible to buy a slave-Indians that cost 100 cacao beans. Cacao beans became for them a symbol of wealth and power.

In connection with the value of cocoa beans, the ancient Mayans cultivated the cocoa plantations.

Thanks to the tribe of the Aztecs, cocoa beans were first to the Spaniards, and then with time and the Europeans. When these fruits were in the hands of the Europeans, they began to prepare the drink differently. First, the beverage was served hot, and, secondly, the chili was replaced by the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.

Drink cocoa or hot chocolate in those days was very popular. In guests and invited: “Come on chocolate.”

And only in the nineteenth century people were able to get solid chocolate. That the world is grateful to Switzerland.

Drink cocoa by itself is non-alcoholic and nutritious drink. It helps to dull the feeling of hunger. And, if you have no opportunity to eat, then cocoa is perfect for you to suck in the stomach!

Cocoa was considered a panacea for all illnesses. The more cocoa to add to the Cup, the more will be bitter taste and healthy drink. This drink can also be made or thick, like sour cream, or liquid, such as coffee.

Our doctors at the time recommended that cocoa and children, in schools and in the gardens, and in the dining rooms for catering, and in spas, because it is also a great tonic. One of tonic substances found in cocoa, is theophylline. It dilates blood vessels and improves the functioning of the Central nervous system.

Theobromine contained in cocoa, improves our efficiency and helps to concentrate.

But to cope with depression and improve mood helps phenylethylamine, a kind of antidepressant.

In cocoa too, as in coffee and tea, contains caffeine, but in much smaller amounts. So cocoa children can be given only three years.

Cocoa consists of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, organic acids, fiber, vitamins, saturated fatty acids, starch, sucrose. Especially from the vitamins it most contains folic acid is vitamin B9.

Rich cocoa and its mineral composition. The primary is a calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, chlorine, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper. Especially contains a lot of zinc and iron. Cocoa in these two minerals is a leader among other products.

The zinc in our bodies plays a big role. Thanks to him, formed enzyme system, the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids DNA and RNA, stabilizing the cell. Zinc is the function of blood and wounds heal quickly. At puberty the human presence requirement of zinc in the body urgently needed. Cocoa will provide the norm of zinc, if you drink this drink 2-3 cups a week.

In cocoa contains melanin, which prevents the appearance of gray hair, and as it also protects our skin from UV rays, preventing sun burns and shock.

If you drink cocoa regularly, what do we get?

In the first place that we will have increased energy, which is important in the autumn-winter period, when from lack of sunshine comes melancholy and depression, when reduced .mental activity and, as a consequence, there is a disorder of the immune system.

Cocoa helps to improve our physical and emotional state.

Also cocoa will help people with heart failure, I repeat that this is a regular use. This improves the blood flow in the brain and normalizes blood pressure.

After colds cocoa will also be very useful.

In cocoa a lot more antioxidants than wine and green tea. And as we know antioxidants slow the aging process, preventing from many diseases, reduce the risk of cancer.

The only thing with caution should drink cocoa people with kidney disease and gout, atherosclerosis, diabetes. Everything is good in moderation, then useful will not be harmful.

Also for fall, like autumn drink, fit:

– tea with lemon

– ginger tea – as a potent preventive remedy for colds. He also actively assisting weight loss.

– with dried berries, fruits

milk, black pepper, saffron, cinnamon and honey

– Morse rose hips and berries

Our autumn drink cocoa, hot chocolate will warm us, improve our mood, and all other useful processes in the body will be invisible to us.

Hot chocolate from Organo gold successfully performs all these functions, but also enhances the usefulness of the cocoa due to the content in its composition of the fungus Ganoderma, which I already wrote.

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