Blenders for smoothies

How to choose a blender for smoothies?

What is different smoothies from other desserts?

The smoothies are products of different density — from delicate fruits to frozen berries, ice and nuts. Meet and savoury smoothies — from vegetables and herbs.

Smoothies — this is a very dense dessert, a dense, homogeneous mass,

which is served in special cups or bowls and eaten with a spoon.

Which blender is best for smoothies?

Blender Smoothie Maker – advantages and disadvantages

Shop and online shops offer special blender for making smoothies – Smooth Maker. It features an interesting design, compactness, simplicity and ease of use. Another advantage is the availability of replacement small glass (very easy to grind puree for toddlers).

But to what extent is it really necessary? Despite the assurances of sellers that this blender is best suited for making smoothies, Smoothie Maker has a very important drawback – relatively low power (300 watts). And review owners with crushing ice or nuts he not cope very well.

Blenders for smoothies – best models

Thus, it is better to buy a good blender manufacturer, which is suitable for smoothies and serve as and for other culinary tasks. Introducing fit models:

Philips HR 2096 — with a glass bowl, with a capacity of 800 watts. Great for fruit smoothies.

Braun MX 2000 MN — with easy comfortable Cup of good plastic. The bowl tapers downward, so the products for smoothies need to be cut smaller.

Binatone BL-661 — cylindrical bowl, with a capacity of 800 watts, 2 speed continuously adjustable. There is a self-cleaning function.

ProfiCook PC-UM 1006 — with a cylindrical glass bowl, with a capacity of 1200 watts, 5 speeds. Many buyers consider this the best model, noting its capacity, fast and quiet.

Bosch MSM 67PE – combo blender with lots of attachments. This blender is perfect for making smoothies – and still cope with the grinding of various products.

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