White Chai

White tea is type of tea, which has very weak fermentation (oxidation), about 5-7%. According to the degree of fermentation it ranks second after green tea.

The name “white tea” because of its appearance – tea kidney densely covered with white pile.

White tea is harvested, at a time when the buds of the tea leaves have not had time to open up, and have the maximum of my nature with minimal human impact. This, in fact, is the idea of white tea.

White tea is mainly produced at the height of 1000-2200 meters in the mountains of China’s Fujian province.

Collection white tea starts from mid-March to early April.

There are mandatory conditions collection:

— White tea is harvested only in manual (gather the youngest leaves)

— White tea is harvested in from 5 to 9 a.m.

— the white tea Pickers cannot (strictly prohibited) there are onions, garlic, spices, smoke and drink alcohol. Otherwise smells can ruin the flavor of the tea leaves

— White tea is harvested in clear, Sunny weather

If during the collection of white tea will begin the wind or rain, the crop is considered to be missing. At this time greatly increases the price of white tea and not the already very high.

After collection, the leaves of white tea is dried naturally, alternately in the sun and in the shade (sun-shadow fermentation). The tea is then dried in a kiln, sorted and packaged.

But after cooking, white tea is not immediately consumed. Within a month he “comes”. Over time, due to the chemical processes in the leaf, it gets better.

White tea is unique in that it is not twisted, that is, the human impact on the tea leaf is minimal.

The taste of white tea

As connoisseurs say, white tea has a delicate taste, subtle aroma, it clears the mind and lowers the internal heat, which, according to Chinese medicine, is the cause of 100 diseases”.

The taste of white tea refreshing, gentle, but at the same time full, rich flavors of flowers, honey, melon, peach, berries, birch SAP.

But first of all, the taste depends on the quality of the tea, the higher the grade, the richer the flavor and aroma.

White tea and related tea with Jasmine or chrysanthemum, floral aroma scores of the true natural taste of tea.

Types of white tea

Distinguish 6 types of white tea (the first two of them belong to the teas of the highest quality, others to “simple” forms):

1 type of white tea, Bai Hao Yin Zhen “silver needle white haired” is the best tea for sorting him are best buds.

2 is a view of white tea, Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu tan (Pai Mu Tan) — “white peony” — after sorting Bai Hao Yin Zhen, sifted kidneys and the second sheet, that’s one of them and it turns out “white peony”.

3 is a view of white tea, Shou Mei — “eyebrows old man” — all that remains after Bai Mu Dan.

All three varieties are made from high quality raw materials and are considered to be elite, but Bai Hao Yin Zhen is the best.

4 kind of white tea — Yes Buy — a “big white”

5 kind of white tea Shui Xiang — Narcissus

6 kind of white tea — Bai Hao “white cloth”

The properties of white tea benefits of white tea)

Properties of white tea is unique and this is due primarily to the fact that it is minimally processed. So, more.

1. Contains vitamin C, PP, B vitamins, etc.

2. Trace elements and amino acids.

3. With less caffeine than other teas.

4. White tea strengthens the immune system.

5. White tea increases blood clotting and promotes rapid healing of wounds.

6. White tea prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer tumors and, oddly enough, caries.

7. Has a cooling effect, it can be drunk at any time — morning or evening.

How to brew white tea

Brewing white tea should be a certain way, otherwise you are not properly prepared tea can to ruin it.

White tea should be brewed soft not hot (60-85 oC) water. When heated, the water should not boil — it will be considered dead.

Brewing better in a glass, in a gaiwan, and how in glass, porcelain or ceramic teapot.

The proportions of white tea when brewed: per person 3-5 grams of tea in 150 ml of water. White tea can be brewed several times.

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